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The Big Picture - Home Security System Review

The Big Picture

There’s a new player in home security system market, and it’s making a huge impact with its top-notch equipment, well-priced packages, fast response time, and no-questions-asked 30-day money-back free trial. Founded just last summer in Santa Ana, California, SkyCover is already a force to be reckoned with in the home security and automation business.

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Nuts & Bolts - Home Security System Review

Nuts & Bolts

SkyCover is a certified GE Security distributor and as such places a GE Simon control panel at the heart of each of its systems.
In addition to the components noted earlier in the Essential Equipment Package, a long menu of enhancements is available at additional but reasonable cost. These include:

  • Wireless smoke and CO detectors
  • Glass break, garage door recessed door and flood sensors
  • Key fobs
  • Micro panic buttons
  • Indoor and outdoor security camera
  • Simon color touchscreen control panel


SkyCover boasts the fastest response time in the home security business–advertised at less than 10 seconds. The company accomplishes this through state-of-the-art AES encryption technology and redundancy. Two identical monitoring centers working around the clock ensure that every event is handled effectively, and alerts are sent expeditiously.


Clients receive real-time alerts via the free mobile app. With the SMART Home package, live 24/7 video streaming with HD night vision is included.


A full range of home automation components are available from SkyCover including a Yale Smart Door Lock, SkyCover thermostat, smart light switches and wireless lighting control lamp modules..

Pricing options - Home Security System Review

Pricing Options

SMART Security 0 USD 39.95 USD
SMART Control 0 USD 43.95 USD
SMART Home 0 USD 48.95 USD
SkyCover offers a clever selection of wireless home security systems that allow you to customize packages to suit just about any home protection and automation need.
Start with SkyCover’s Essential Equipment Package for $99 and you’ll get a Simon XTi control panel (currently offered with a free touchscreen upgrade), one pet-friendly motion detector, and three micro door/window sensors. This by itself is a powerful system, but a healthy array of additional components is also available.
Once you’ve selected your equipment, SkyCover has three monitoring packages that vary in price according to the level of service you require.
The SMART Security plan is $39.95 a month and includes intrusion, fire and environmental protection, life safety and wellness supervision, 24/7 monitoring, email and text alerts, and remote access control.
The SMART Control plan is $43.95 a month and includes all of the above plus child latch-key text alerts, light switches remote control, lamps remote control, and small appliance remote control.
The SMART Home plan is $48.95 a month and includes everything in the above two packages plus remote live view video, HD with built-in night vision, remote control door locks, and energy-saving thermostat control.
Though SkyCover’s plans technically run for a 36-month period, the beauty is that they’re offered with a no long-term contract option, so you don’t have to lock yourself into a commitment that could otherwise cost thousands of dollars.
Installation is DIY and extremely easy. Simply unpack, peel, and stick the components where instructed following the great video tutorials available on the company’s website. Shipping is free, equipment is warranted for three years, is smash-and-crash protected, and there’s no activation fee. If you don’t like the system after trying it for 30 days, simply return it and get your money back.
All systems are 100% wireless and cellular and are controlled remotely from any mobile device through SkyCover’s free mobile app. To sweeten things even more, SkyCover is currently offering up to $800 in free equipment to first-time customers.
Help & Support - Home Security System Review

Help & Support

SkyCover technical support is always available by toll-free telephone. General customer support keeps more traditional business hours with a little bonus for those on the east coast. Hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time, so you can call until 8 p.m. if you’re in the east.
SkyCover’s video tutorials are some of the best produced and easiest to follow in the industry, and the company’s website has a timely and helpful blog filled with tips and information you may need and definitely can use.

Good to know - Home Security System Review

Good to Know

SkyCover is a new entrant into the hotly competitive field of home security and protection and hasn’t yet attained some of the accolades of its competitors. What SkyCover does have is certification from one of the world’s top companies–General Electric–and an ironclad warranty.

Cut to the Chase - Home Security System Review

Let’s Cut to the Chase

As a new player in an extremely competitive field you’ve simply got to do everything right just to survive. Yes it’s a tough business, so it’s almost astonishing how SkyCover has been able to make such a big splash in the home protection system industry so quickly.
Maybe it’s because they use only top equipment. Maybe it’s because their response time is second to none. Maybe it’s because of their ‘try it for free’ policy. But just maybe it’s because they’re not interested in tying you up for years at a time and for thousands of dollars like their rivals do.
Whatever the secret to SkyCover’s success has been, it’s certainly one company to watch and probably the one you should call next.

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Share Your View

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