You don’t have to dig deep online to find sad stories and indignant warnings about home security system contracts.
True, there are unscrupulous companies in home security, just as with any other industry, but as long as you choose a reputable company, and you understand exactly what you’re paying for, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Here are two key things that trip up consumers time and again:

Cancellation Fees

Many of the complaints about home security system contracts revolve around the difficulty – and cost – of cancelling a contract.

This can often come down to a misunderstanding about exactly what one is paying for.

Consumers are attracted to low upfront costs and affordable monthly payments. But nothing for life comes for free. In effect, what the company is doing is stretching the high cost of the equipment and installation costs over the course of the contract.

But what happens is that a consumer who wants to switch to a new company is suddenly hit with a considerable cancellation fee. This seems unfair but actually it’s simply a case of the home security company recouping its outlay on the equipment and installation.

If you want the freedom to end your contract and move on without being hit by an exorbitant cancellation fee you should consider choosing a contract with a larger upfront fee (which should cover the equipment and installation) and a lower – and easily cancellable – monitoring fee.

Moving home

You should also be certain of exactly what happens if you want to move your system to a new home.

You may find that if you want to move a hardwired system that you will have to pay a large fee, or sign up to a new contract (which essentially is the same as paying for a new installation). Make sure you know what the situation is before you sign.

This is a situation where a self-installed wireless system might be your best option. You’ll be able to transfer it for free, with no new contract.

If you take away one piece of advice, let it be this: Always read the fine print.

Actually, one more thing – always deal with recommended providers. Our aim is to review and rank the companies we believe are the best in the business. Check out our Top 5 Best Home Security Systems list and get a free quote today.