Going away on a vacation is all about finding some peace and relaxation, but it can also leave you stressed about leaving your home unattended. Here are a few things you can do before going on vacation to protect your house and personal items.

1. Prevent Mail Pile-Ups

One way burglars know that you’re not home is a pile of mail in your mail box, or newspapers on your lawn. In order to prevent this, either hold your mail until you get back, or have someone you trust stop by every day to pick it up for you.

2. Pretend Somebody’s Home

There are numerous smart security systems that let you control the lights in your house, either manually from your phone or by setting a simple timer. You can have them lights turn on and off throughout the house at regular intervals to make it look like someone is home.

3. Hide the Valuables

Just in case someone does break in, make sure to hide the items that are very expensive and important to you in a well-hidden safe.

4. Don’t Tell Anyone

Don’t post on Facebook or Twitter that you’re on a vacation. That’s a great way to attract burglars. Wait until you get back to share all of those beautiful pictures.

5. Make Sure your home is protected

If you don’t already own a home security system, it’s something you should seriously consider. Modern home security is affordable and highly sophisticated, including remote video surveillance and lighting automation. Just make sure to tell your home security company that you are going on vacation so that they are more alert.

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