Stay Safe When Living Alone

Roger Young | 15.12.15 | 0 Comments

Living alone can be a wonderful experience. It can also be pretty darn scary. It’s nice to know that in case of emergency, you’re never alone. Help is close by.

How much is your peace of mind worth to you? Most of us place a pretty high value on our lives and wellbeing, in fact, you probably couldn’t even put a price on it. That’s why today’s wireless home security and automation systems are so amazing. For literally pennies, they provide as much security as someone stationed in the very next room. From protection against intruders, smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, natural gas and other life threatening events, help can be less than a minute away every second of the day.

How is this possible?

What makes this happen is the way that modern security sensors and components communicate with one another to form a dome of security. Stationery and moving cameras can be added to provide live HD streaming video. Its brain is a high-tech control pad, either a push-button or touchscreen unit, usually located somewhere near your front door.

Most systems provide two-way voice communications from the control pad to your central monitoring station, nearly every system today allows complete control by mobile app, and you can use either your smartphone or any other Android or iOS device to have complete remote control over your home security system.

When an emergency does happen, a list of your emergency contacts is contacted within seconds by your central monitoring station. In an actual event, fire, ambulance, or police can be dispatched in under a minute.

If you are worried about having an accident at home when you’re all alone, you’ll be interested to know that every top security system offers a personal emergency pendant that alerts central monitoring when pressed. It’s usually worn around the neck, so it’s always accessible as long as you’re still conscious.

Generally, the cost of adding a personal pendant or a key fob with a panic button is negligible or even free with some systems, and as these personal safety devices rarely have any effect on monthly monitoring fees, you’d be wise to take advantage.

Maximum security

Although there is often no reason to be alarmed, strange sounds when you are home alone can be very worrying. With the benefit of cellular security systems with live HD video surveillance you can have complete assurance that no one is lurking in or around your house, or even check before you get home that no one is in waiting for you when you arrive home from your busy day.

You’ll know what’s at home outside and in before you take that first step into your front yard. This can be incredibly reassuring to urban apartment renters, and, as most systems are no longer just for home owners anymore, renters are now welcome too.

Next time you’re at home alone on that dark and stormy winter night, the wind howling and branches thumping as they drop on your rooftop, you can be relaxed as a sleeping kitten, knowing you’re secure and safe and not really alone after all.

Roger Young

Roger has been contributing to Top 5 for the last 2 years, Roger has a vast knowledge of home security, and with 5 years’ experience as an electronic sales professional. Roger is known for providing consultative security solutions and a dedicated service to his clients.

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