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The Big Picture - Home Security System Review

The Big Picture

ADT is a company well known for its security solutions. Established in 1874, this brand brings a wealth of experience and reliability to the world of home security. A market leader in its field, ADT currently services more than 6.5 million homes and small businesses worldwide. ADT has an unbeatable reputation in home security.

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Nuts & Bolts - Home Security System Review

Nuts & Bolts

ADT’s technology ensures each customer can thoroughly monitor their home. The advanced technology allows monitoring of temperature, flood, fire and smoke, carbon monoxide, burglary and medical alert monitoring.

As a customer you get full control over the monitoring of your property, with notifications sent via mobile phone. Indeed, ADT Pulse apps are among the best in the business, allowing you to control every aspect of your home security and automation systems from your phone or tablet.

ADT provides 24/7 professional monitoring to all of their customers through their own monitoring centres spread across the United States and Canada. If an alarm is triggered, the ADT team will immediately pick up the alert and contact the homeowner and also send emergency dispatch if needed.

Communication between the ADT monitoring centers and the homeowner is delivered though the two-way security panel communication system, the smart voice sounder, and the motion detection which sends alerts directly to the homeowner.

Pricing options - Home Security System Review

Pricing Options

There are several home security systems available, these can seem overwhelming to the security novice. You do get a free home security consultation though, if you need help to decide exactly what option is best for you.
Suffice to say that all packages come with the standard equipment, with optional extras available to tailor your system to your specific needs.

ADT has the Traditional package ($28.99/month), the Remote package ($48.99/month), the Video package ($58.99/month) and the Pulse Advantage package ($52.99/month). All security packages vary, each offering different levels of surveillance equipment, from garage door controllers to carbon monoxide monitoring.

ADT requires a minimum 36-month contract, but they do offer a 6-month money-back guarantee. The three-year contract means the monthly fee will stay as agreed but it could change when the contract comes up for renewal. An early termination fee will come into play if customers wish to cancel their security contract early. Prospective customers will need to contact ADT directly for any upgrades or installation services.

All packages require professional installation, which means each customer has to arrange for a certified technician to come to the home and professionally install the system. DIY installation is simply not an option.

Installation costs start at $199 and ADT Pulse installations start at $399, if you’re lucky then you may find a promo taking place that cuts the installation costs, but this is not guaranteed upon purchasing a security system.

Help & Support - Home Security System Review

Help & Support

If you fall victim to theft, ADT offer a Theft Protection Guarantee which has you covered for up to $500 of your insurance deductible, providing your ADT system was armed.

ADT also offer a Mover’s Security Guarantee which means they provide you with new equipment for your new home. This is great if you’re a renter, or if you think there’s a chance you’ll move during the contract period. You get a comparable package at no extra expense, as long as you’ve been an ADT customer for at least 2 years. You can also enjoy a 25% discount on any new security equipment that you might require.

One point that’s worth mentioning is that ADT charges for an extended warranty whereas most home security providers offer at least a few years, if not a lifetime equipment warranty for free.

ADT’s searchable online help center contains all the information you might need regarding your system, including online manuals and guides. The support team is contactable by phone 24 hours per day, with email support also available for less pressing issues.

Good to know - Home Security System Review

Good to Know

ADT has been checked by BBB (Better Business Bureau) since 2013 and their latest check meets BBB accreditation standards. This is based on business operation length, complaint volume, complaint response, and if the complaint was resolved.

Cut to the Chase - Home Security System Review

Let’s Cut to the Chase

When you choose ADT for your home security needs you’re getting a comprehensive security system from one of the most established companies in the industry. Furthermore, ADT offers a whole range of additional services for fitting automated lighting, heating and other electrical devices.

You may be pushing the budget slightly on an ADT system, but its equipment is designed to meet the needs of every homeowner, and you get the peace of mind that comes with working with one of the most established names in home security.

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    ADT Scams Elderly People

    My wife thought we needed our house protected by ADT. Little did she know we had an Old Out dated system. Yes out dated, didn’t know until 2 weeks later when it died and had a repairman show up and tell us This was out dated. Called ADT was told us if we wanted a new system, it was $1,800.00 up front cash and if we wanted any more window (out dated) equipment, it would cost about $400 – $500. to protect our house, now we are locked in for a long contract. With out protection we wanted !!!!!!!!

    George W. Taylor

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