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Choosing a home security system is no easy task. The best systems offer a range of options to keep you, your family, and your possessions safe. Our articles will give you the guidance and knowledge you need to help you make an informed decision.

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Prevent Porch Pirates from Stealing Your Christmas Presents

Kyle Bishop | 13.12.18 | 0 Comments

Each year, thousands of people fall victim to porch pirates. Porch pirates are people who steal delivered packages from people's from doors or porches. In 2017, 30% of Americans reported having a package stolen this way. The porch-stealing epidemic runs rampant in wealthier cities like...

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Wired vs. Wireless systems – Which one is better for your home?

Nancy Spencer | 22.04.18 | 2 Comments

You may live in a peaceful, quiet neighborhood, and you can also know your neighbors and people living nearby well enough to conclude that they won’t represent a threat to your security and that of your family. However, the truth is that you never know what...

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Smart Speakers: The Tipping Point for Home Automation

Kyle Bishop | 11.04.18 | 0 Comments

Smart speakers have been a trend in the field of home automation for a while now. As humans, we have always been fascinated by the act of a computer talking to us or responding to our voice commands and with the advent of smart speakers,...

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How To Protect Your Home When Traveling

Nancy Spencer | 20.03.18 | 0 Comments

Home security isn’t just for someone who lives in a lavish, expensive house and has tons of valuables that warrant protection. It is for everyone who lives in a home. When you are out of your home and don’t have a home security system, the...

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5 Tips to Avoid Smart Home Hacking

Kyle Bishop | 08.03.18 | 0 Comments

There’s this thing about technology: the more it connects us with the things that matter most, the more vulnerable it makes us to cyber-attacks. Research conducted by indicates that the global smart home market is forecasted to reach a value of over 40 billion...

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The Future Of Home Delivery: Smart Locks

Nancy Spencer | 21.02.18 | 0 Comments

Rising to fame in just a few short years, smart locks are leading the popularity race in home security tech in the United States. In fact, it is estimated that by end of 2019, the smart lock industry will be worth close to $3.6 billion....

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Home Security Systems Can Help the Environment (and Save You Money!)

Nancy Spencer | 06.02.18 | 0 Comments

There is no doubt that there is an increasing awareness throughout the world regarding energy conservation. In fact, a recent study went as far as to prove that 70% of organizations are paying more attention to energy efficiency compared to a year ago. And it’s...

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The Ultimate Fire Safety Guide for Your Family’s Home

Nancy Spencer | 18.10.17 | 0 Comments

When it comes to the safety of your family members, and even your property, you need to think of more than just burglars and security threats. Fire is also something that you should prepare for, especially due to the life threatening dangers that it poses. If a...

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Home Security Devices Compatible With Apple HomeKit

Nancy Spencer | 17.10.17 | 0 Comments

First introduced on the market in 2014, during Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple’s proprietary software and hardware smart-home platform has gradually improved. New features were added and more devices were made compatible, allowing homeowners to easily communicate with their smart appliances and control what is...

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The Ultimate Guide to Home Security Control Panels

Nancy Spencer | 18.05.16 | 0 Comments

One thing that all home security systems have in common is the control panel. While there are different types of control panels, with different features and functions, they all have a common goal: allowing you to control your security system with the tap of a screen. (more…)

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The Ultimate Guide to Home Security Motion Sensors

Nancy Spencer | 04.05.16 | 0 Comments

An important part of a good home security system is motion sensors. Security systems are usually made of different sensors around the home that detect movement, sound, and other signs of a possible break-in and activate the alarm. Motion sensors are a crucial part of...

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What is Crash and Smash Protection?

Nancy Spencer | 17.04.16 | 0 Comments

Security is a topic everyone should be acquainted with, and it is important to know all of the basic terminology so that you can buy smart when choosing a home security system. One of the things you’ll probably come across often is the phrase “crash...

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The Home Automation Guide

Roger Young | 31.03.16 | 0 Comments

When looking for a home security system, there are other things to keep in mind that aren’t just about preventing burglaries. Many security systems offer home automation features which allow you to manage your home wherever you are in the world, beyond simple monitoring. What...

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Choosing the Right Home Security Camera

Nancy Spencer | 20.03.16 | 1 Comments

When getting a home security system for your home, you need to consider everything you need to protect your property and family, and that includes security cameras. They come in many forms, each with a different advantage and ideal for a different location or need....

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An In-Depth Guide to “Protect America” Security Systems

Nancy Spencer | 26.02.16 | 0 Comments

Protect America is a security company based in Texas that provides security systems for homes and vehicles. The company has become very popular over the years and has grown rapidly due to their success in developing and providing DIY security systems around the US. Their...

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Home Security Systems for Apartments – What You Need to Know

Kyle Bishop | 09.02.16 | 0 Comments

Many make the mistake of assuming a home security system is only for people living in big homes, but that is far from the case. The cost of a sophisticated system has dropped to a level that is within reach for most people, and should be...

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How to Choose the Right Home Security System for Your Family

Nancy Spencer | 29.12.15 | 1 Comments

Home security is big business in the U.S., and that has drawn a huge number of companies into the field. The competition has become so fierce that home security and automation systems, which once would have cost thousands of dollars up front just to install,...

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Stay Safe When Living Alone

Roger Young | 15.12.15 | 0 Comments

Living alone can be a wonderful experience. It can also be pretty darn scary. It’s nice to know that in case of emergency, you’re never alone. Help is close by. How much is your peace of mind worth to you? Most of us place a...

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Secure Your Home From Your Smartphone

Kyle Bishop | 01.12.15 | 0 Comments

In home security systems, the wave of the future is 100% wireless and cellular. This is a good thing for a number of reasons: greater dependability, resistance to tampering, super-fast response time, but perhaps the best reason is the ability to control your entire system...

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