Home Security Systems Can Help the Environment (and Save You Money!)

Nancy Spencer

Jan 20 2024

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There is no doubt that there is an increasing awareness throughout the world regarding energy conservation. In fact, a recent study went as far as to prove that 70% of organizations are paying more attention to energy efficiency compared to a year ago.

And it’s not just big corporations who are making energy management changes with many of us trying to do our bit for the environment during our day-to-day lives and in our homes. One of the biggest areas of concerns is home energy conservation.

On average in the US we spend about $2000 per year on our electricity bills and to most of us that’s not pocket change. However, by being environmentally conscious and cutting down our energy consumption, we can cut our yearly spend dramatically, which not only saves us money but helps us do our bit for the environment as well.

One of the most effective ways we can manage our consumption is with home alarm systems and wireless home security systems.  Not only do the best home security systems help you with energy management and consumption while keeping your home secure, but will help you save on your electric bills in a big way while being environmentally friendly. It’s win win!

First, we need to better understand the types of home security systems available.

Types of home security systems

The three main types are: local alarms, wired alarm systems and wireless alarm systems.

  • The local alarm system is your basic entry level alarm system which includes window and door sensors and motion detectors. The alarm sounds from the panel and isn’t linked to any external company.
  • Wired home alarm systems are similar to local alarm systems, except instead of the alarm sounding in the home, the signal is also sent to your security company triggering a response.
  • Lastly, we have wireless home security systems. These are what you might call ‘smart’ systems that are wireless and are linked to your device. They can adjust anything from your thermostat to your lighting and offer the best energy management.

With the growing concern for environment as well as energy saving, the first two types of home systems are becoming obsolete in most homes and many US households are opting for systems that not only help protect the environment but also their pockets.

So, how do wireless home security systems help you with energy consumption?

Home security systems conserve energy

Here are the top three ways your home security system can help with energy conservation:

1. Optimize thermostats schedules

You may be surprised to learn that approximately 50% of the average heating bill in most US homes is for cooling or heating the home. By optimizing your thermostat, you will be able to lower this quite substantially. This is because home security systems enable you to program thermostat settings to change automatically depending on the season, or when you’re home (your security system is disarmed) or when you’re not home (your security system is armed).

2. Managing and controlling lighting consumption

Light consumption makes up around 10% of your monthly energy consumption. With the best home security systems we are able to adjust your lights automatically by setting which lights should be turned on or off when your alarm system is armed or disarmed. As we know, this is a very handy feature for those of us on vacation who want the lights to go on and off for added security. However, that’s not the only benefit.

With home security systems you can also schedule and/or switch on/off your lights when you’re out of the home right from your phone. This comes in very handy when you’ve left a light on by accident or you need  to turn entrance hall lights on when you are nearing the house, ensuring you don’t have to go out and leave them on all night when you’re not home. Ultimately this feature ensures you are not wasting electricity from unnecessary lights being left on.

3. Appliance management

How often do we leave our appliances – from our washing machine to our kettles – on and on standby in our home? This can add up to a lot of unnecessary energy consumption! Another handy environmentally friendly feature of home security systems is appliance management. In other words the ability to remotely schedule or switch off the appliances that aren’t in use.

As you can see, when it comes to energy management, your wireless home security system is an effective tool.for cutting energy usage and saving you money by automatically adjusting and optimizing your heating and lighting usage.

With features that allow you to set key codes, adjust lights and electronics to the personal settings of the person who is entering, you can save even further by tailoring light and electronic use to each of your family members specifically.

Plus, your wireless home security systems will allow you to control these settings through apps on a variety of devices including smart watches, laptops, phones and tables, enabling you to make environmentally friendly changes at the push of a button from almost anywhere!

Best home security systems

If you’re looking to cash-in on these energy conservation tools here’s best 3 home security systems to get you started:

ADT wireless home security systems

ADT is one of America’s most trusted and well established security solutions, offering services to both private homes and small businesses across the globe. For that reason, it’s not the cheapest option, however the personalized home consultations as well as their 6 month money-back guarantee provide a priceless peace of mind for the safety of your home.

Frontpoint wireless home security systems

Frontpoint is a leading wireless home security and management company whose features includes 24/7 monitoring, automated system checks, home controls and more.

Link Interactive wireless home security systems

Another top home security company, Link Interactive, offers a variety of options from DIY home security, wireless home security, home alarm systems and home automation.

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