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  • 15.06.20
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Launched in mid-2018, Cove is a newcomer to the home security market, but with high-quality smart technology, it has quickly made a name for itself. The system comes with affordable 5-star round-the-clock monitoring from six centers across the United States. TripleTouch response assures that you will be contacted via call, text, and system panel in case of a breach. Cove’s ultra-aesthetic, user-friendly equipment appeals to customers in the digital age who are used to the beauty and simplicity of modern tech gadgets.

Plans & Pricing

Cove offers two monitoring plans, starting at $0.50 per day, or $14.99 per month. All plans are contract-free and can be canceled at any time. Both plans also come with a 60-day trial period and a money-back guarantee offered by Cove. Cove does not offer an installation option, but all their equipment comes pre-configured and should be easy to install. On average, the installation process only takes about half an hour.

Active duty military members, veterans, first responders, nurses, and teachers are eligible for a special offer. For $150, they get $400 of security equipment, six months of professional monitoring ($90 to $150 value), and a 60-day trial.

Here are the details of Cove’s monitoring plans:

Cove Basic

The basic plan costs $0.50 per day, or $14.99 per month, and comes with a 60-day risk-free trial and money-back guarantee by Cove. It includes 24/7 monitoring, environmental monitoring, TripleTouch Communication, smash and grab protection, 100% cellular connection, hourly automated system checkups, 24-hour backup battery life, and a one-year equipment warranty.

Cove Plus

The Cove Plus plan costs $0.83 per day, or $24.99 per month, and comes with a 60-day free trial and money-back guarantee by Cove. It includes 24/7 monitoring, environmental monitoring, TripleTouch Communication, smash and grab protection, 100% cellular connection, hourly automated system checkups, 24-hour backup battery life, a lifetime equipment warranty, smartphone control, Alexa and Google Home integration, $5 monthly equipment credit, and a lifetime monitoring rate-lock guarantee according to Cove.

Cove Basic
Cove Plus

Features and Functionality

Cove home security systems come with the Cove Touch Screen Panel and a customizable selection of security equipment. The Cove Touch Alarm Panel features tamper-proof technology that connects your security system to 6 live monitoring stations across the United States.

The Touch Panel is 100% cellular and comes with a 24-hour backup battery. It connects with all of the system’s sensors to run hours of diagnostics to make sure everything is running smoothly.


Cove provides five-start professional monitoring 24/7 from six different monitoring centers around the country. Some of the activities Cove monitors include burglary and intrusion, connecting to door sensors, motion detectors, window sensors, and glass break detectors. Cove also monitors the environment using detectors that sense smoke, heat, freeze, flood, and carbon monoxide. Customers also have the option to install indoor security cameras.


In case of a security breach or unusual activity, Cove quickly responds with TripleTouch communication, including InstaText, LiveAssist, and phone alerts.

InstaText sends a text message directly to your phone as soon as the breach occurs. LiveAssist connects a live security agent from a Cove monitoring center to your Touch Panel.

Cove Plus users can also get alerts to their smartphone via the Cove App.

Home Automation

Additional features of the Cove home security system include remote controls and medical alert buttons. Cove Plus members also have the option to sync their home security system to their smart home devices like Alexa and Google Home, so that users can control Cove with their voice.

Ease of Use

Cove is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. Installation is simple, wireless, and takes 27 minutes on average. All equipment arrives at your door pre-configured. All you have to do to set up your system is to follow the step-by-step guide on your Touch Panel.

The interfaces on both the Touch Panel and the Cove App are simple, streamlined, and easy to understand, and the system can be easily armed or disarmed using the panel, key fob, or app.

Pros & Cons

  • Monitoring plans are more affordable than competitors
  • Aesthetic, easy-to-use interface
  • Smart Home speaker (Alexa, Google Home) integration
  • 100% wireless
  • Lifetime equipment warranty available
  • Security equipment is a bit pricey
  • Smartphone control only for the Cove Plus plan
  • Basic plan subscribers only get a 1-year equipment warranty

Customer support

Cove provides a wealth of purchasing and use information on their website and from customer service agents. Cove offers phone support, live chat support, and a ticketing system. Otherwise, you can consult their website, where you’ll find blog-style Security Resources and an FAQ.

  • 24/7 Help & Support
    Round-the-clock support is available via telephone.
  • Phone Support
    Customers and potential customers can call toll-free to receive support regarding Cove products.
  • Live Online Chat
    Livechat support is available during business hours, Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM.
  • Email
    To receive email support, fill out the message form on the Cove website.
  • Video Tutorials
    Video tutorials are available on the Cove YouTube channel.
  • FAQ
    You can find an FAQ in the Cove “Knowledge Base.”
  • Blog
    Cove’s Security Resources provides blog-style articles about home security.

Final Word

The Cove Home Security System is a high-quality and reliable system that features cutting-edge technology and 5-stay monitoring from multiple locations across the country. It is a good option for individuals who value beautiful, user-friendly technology, and smart home integration. However, it comes at a cost. Although monitoring fees are competitively low, as advertised, the equipment can be rather expensive. Optional security detectors have a lifespan of five years, so unless you subscribe to the Cove Plus plan, which comes with a lifetime equipment warranty, you should count on purchasing new equipment every few years. Another reason to choose a Cove security system is its high-level monitoring and system control, which you can track in real-time via the Cove App.

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Questions & Answers


What is the Cove Live Assist?

The Live Assist lets you talk through a two-way speaker in the control panel with the monitoring center. You can also set up a hostage code that you can activate verbally in case you need help but don’t want to alert anyone dangerous who is nearby.

How does Cove InstaText work?

If the Cove alarm is activated, they will try to contact you three ways: call, text, and email. You can have the InstaText set up to send to your emergency contacts as well. You’ll be given a choice to dismiss the alarm (if it was a mistake) or dispatch help with the push of a button from your phone.

Will my Cove rate go up each year?

You can get a rate-lock guarantee if you sign up for the Cove Plus Monitoring. The rate-lock guarantee is good for life.

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