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The Big Picture - Home Security System Review

The Big Picture

By 1954, Peary Barker had already been selling fire alarm equipment door-to-door in Ogden, Utah, for four years, and he was really good at it. In fact, he was the top salesman at William Lee’s company.
When Lee decided he’d prefer to manufacture rather than sell fire alarm equipment, he sold his company to Barker. Over the next 20 years, Barker branched out into home security systems, and Mountain Alarm Company was born.
When Rodney G. Gardner took over the company in 1974, he continued to grow Mountain Alarm, acquire other companies, and do business in additional states. That included starting Link Interactive, a subsidiary which today does business in all 50 states and sells its wireless home security systems through an exclusive agreement with Costco.
Link Interactive’s focus is to keep its costs low by making all its home protection systems DIY installed, passing the savings on to the customer.

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Nuts & Bolts - Home Security System Review

Nuts & Bolts

Both of Link Interactive’s wireless home security systems include one Link Interactive Go! Control Cellular Panel, three Wireless Door/Window Sensors, one Wireless Motion Sensor, one Wireless Smoke/Heat/Freeze Sensor, a yard sign and window decals.
The Energy Management package option also includes 2 Z-Wave Light/Appliance Modules, and 1 Z-Wave Thermostat.
Most Link Interactive systems are custom-designed based on the customer’s actual needs, but custom or stock, all systems are installed exclusively by the customer. Even so, components still carry a one-year factory warranty.


System components communicate with one another, and with the control panel, using a 345 MHz radio signal. The control panel communicates by cell phone 24/7/365 with’s monitoring center. Equipment is ‘crash and smash’ protected, which means if someone tries to damage a component, the alarm is triggered.


Response time is advertised at 20 seconds or less between alarm activation and voice response by 2-way intercom from
Link Interactive’s app controls all system features remotely and is free. The app also alerts users to events, including severe weather events, while a complete history is also available.


Along with the components in the two standard packages, also available at additional cost are the following components:

  • door/window sensors, recessed door sensors, glass break sensors, motion sensors, wireless door sensors, and tilt sensors;
  • additional wireless touch screen keypads and non-touch keypads,
  • wireless doorbells and panic buttons,
  • image sensor and an array of video surveillance cameras.
Pricing options - Home Security System Review

Pricing Options

Basic Fire and Security Package 100 USD 29.99 USD
Energy Management and Security Package 200 USD 29.99 USD
Service contracts run three years by default, however, shorter-term contracts are available by paying a little extra on equipment.
In the two standard packages, basic equipment costs are offset by ‘free equipment’ credits of up to $361 on the Basic Security Package and $465 on the Energy Management and Security Package.
Video surveillance is available with either package, and the company gives a $78 credit toward the purchase of the first security camera. The fee for video surveillance monitoring increases monthly costs by $5 to $34.99.
All packages come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a two-year equipment warranty.
Help & Support - Home Security System Review

Help & Support

Link Interactive customer service is available by toll-free phone 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. MT Monday through Friday, and Saturday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. MT. The customer service office is closed Sundays, but the central monitoring office keeping you safe operates 24/7 every day of the year. Customer service provides step-by-step guidance for all its customers on all DIY installation security packages, including installation videos, and Skype conversations with customers to help troubleshoot
Customer service is also available by email, live online chat during business hours, or through an interactive FAQ on the company’s website.
If you’re moving to a new home and want to take your security system with you, go ahead—it’s free of charge. All you have to do is re-install your system, notify customer support, and monitoring service is activated at your new address.

Good to know - Home Security System Review

Good to Know

Link Interactive has been recognized for excellence by the Better Business Bureau, receiving the BBB’s A+ rating. gave the company a 5-Star rating, and Service Magic bestowed its Seal of Approval, while CSAA certified Link Interactive as a Five Diamond Central Station. Link Interactive also won Angie’s List 2014 Super Service Award.

Cut to the Chase - Home Security System Review

Let’s Cut to the Chase

As with most things Costco, Link Interactive is designed to provide a quality product at a comfortable price. A Do It Yourself home security system, Link Interactive enable you to easily install your purchased security system, thoroughly guiding you through the installation steps. The system is completely set up and checked out before being delivered free of charge to your home. If you feel comfortable with performing minor home repairs, Link Interactive may just be the perfect choice for you.

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Nancy Spencer
If there is one thing you can say about Nancy is that she’s a caring person dedicated at providing exceptional customer service. A Regional Sales Manager, Nancy excels at managing her loyal staff and implementing the values of home protection and safety online as well as offline.
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  • Luis Cuesta

    Hi; I have a hardwired system(Honeywell Vista 10P) and a 8 channel camera system(4 ch wired & 4 ch wireless). I want to upgrade to todays standards. My home has quite a few doors and windows to re-secure all with wireless is cost prohibitive. Can I add this system to yours? Or do I have to suspend what I have and start all over. Thanx, Luis

    • Nancy

      Hi Luis,

      Your old system can absolutely be integrated into a new Link Interactive system, bringing you up to date with the latest home security standards. We’d recommend you speak to one of Link Interactive’s excellent customer support team, and they’ll talk you through exactly what you need to do.
      They’re available between 7am and 8pm, Mon-Fri. Call them toll-free on 866-867-8596.



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Link Interactive Review