How to Choose the Right Home Security System for Your Family

Nancy Spencer

Dec 29 2019 comments- 1

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Home security is big business in the U.S., and that has drawn a huge number of companies into the field.

The competition has become so fierce that home security and automation systems, which once would have cost thousands of dollars up front just to install, today are offered at very affordable prices. Forget the expensive set up fees, with a relatively low-cost short-term contract you can often escape installation fees and have both home and financial security.

Although in an ideal world cost should never be a factor when talking about your security and wellbeing, we know that often it will be. Thanks to the competitive pricing in this industry you can now focus on what matters most. Choosing the right home protection system for you and finding the one that best achieves your security and automation goals and suits your lifestyle.

Assess your needs

You probably began thinking about home security systems because you were concerned about one thing—crime. All of the security systems we review, are excellent at making intruders think twice about choosing your home as their target.

If you’re strictly looking for a 24-hour wireless protection against intruders, you can choose any of the candidates on our site with confidence.

But there’s so much more to today’s home security and automation systems than the old burglar alarm from back in the day. You’ll find all the major and subtle differences between the top home security companies right here.

For example, if you have a young family your needs for things like live streaming video surveillance to keep an eye on the toddlers and pets, and being able to move your system easily, are greater than for a stable more mature couple whose kids are grown and out of the home.

An isolated large house in a wealthy neighborhood has greater equipment needs than a small apartment in a 24-hour security building.

You may want fire, carbon monoxide and gas leak protection, alerts for floods, freezes, or severe weather, and the ability to control it all from your smartphone.

You may only need the most basic protection from burglars or home invaders, or simply a personal emergency pendant because you’re elderly and live alone.

Perhaps, you’re ready to take a leap into the future with home automation that uses your mobile device to control everything electronic in your house from fridge to front door.

Even if you can only afford $20 a month for around-the-clock monitoring or have an unlimited budget for the most elaborate state-of-the-art equipment, there is a home security company and system that’s right for you.

We help you maximize

We’ve anticipated the most common home security system questions and answered them so you can quickly and intelligently compare the nation’s top home security companies and the deals they’re offering. Our detailed reviews enable you to easily find the best system for your needs at the best prices available.

Breaking down each company’s deals and making it easier for you to find the best fit is what we do. You’re here because you’re in the market for a home security system. Take a few minutes and choose the system that’s best for you.

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Jocelyn McDonald

My family just moved into a neighborhood that is know for high crime rates, and we’re thinking of installing a security system to give us some peace of mind. Your article had some great tips for choosing something like this, and I liked how you said to consider if we want a security system with home automation so we can use our mobile phones to control things like or fridge or front door when away from home. Thanks; we’ll keep this in mind when choosing a home security system.

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